DIY energy cleansing spray for clearing negativity

do you ever feel like something is off at home? feel stuck, uncomfortable or notice more tension and frustration in yourself or your loved ones? sometimes this can be from stagnant energy or a build up of negative energy around you.

energy is all around us, and aside from spiritual energy, there are ions. positive and negative ions affect our mood, bodies and energy levels. positive ions come from technology/electronics (anything with electromagnetic capabilities), pollution, toxic chemicals, pollen and even pet dander.

unfortunately, we tend to have more positive ions in our space than negative. yes, you read that right! the positive ions are actually the bad ions – it’s confusing, I know.

negative ions are the ones you want swarming all around you – they are the ones that make you feel super happy, calm and relaxed when you’re at the beach, in nature/hiking or sitting near a waterfall! flowing water, including rain (especially thunderstorms) produces the most negative ions, which helps counter positive ions.

some people may look at me weird when I open my windows or step outside when it rains, but the flow of water releases happiness, and who doesn’t want to be surrounded by that! (next time it rains, go outside.. you’ll feel a shift in energy, I promise!)

spiritual energy and ions are odorless and not visible to the naked eye, which is why it’s important to be in tune with your body. whenever you feel like something is off or you start to feel sick or notice negative energy in your loved ones, it’s time to cleanse your space! there are many way to do this but today i’m going to share with you how to make a cleansing room spray.


  • anger (for an unknown reason)
  • increased anxiety
  • overwhelmed
  • feeling like something is off / unsettling feeling at home
  • uncomfortable (for an unknown reason)
  • having trouble sleeping
  • easily frustrated
  • tired
  • low energy
  • stressed

*please note: I am not a doc, these are all personal symptoms that I have experienced due to negative energy. if you are experiencing any symptoms above and feel something is medically wrong, please call your doctor right away!


how to use:

  1. shake well before each use.
  2. open the doors and windows in each room to allow negative energy to escape (open windows or sliding doors all the way if it’s raining! just make sure it isn’t raining sideways / puts you at risk of flooding your house, please)
  3. spray each room, focusing on the rooms you spend the most time and around your person.
  4. you can also spray on linens, bedding and sofas.

    repeat as much as needed.

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