Top 3 Best Organic Potting Soils – OMRI Listed

There are many different types and brands of soil out there; trust me, I’ve been in your shoes – it’s overwhelming! I’ve been a plant mama for a few years now, and since my background is in environmental science, I had to know exactly what was in the soil I was buying. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t buying soil that was full of chemicals or additives, especially for my veggie garden. 

We all have grown up seeing Miracle-Gro everywhere and while it may be the cheapest soil and you may think its safe… IT’S NOT! Miracle-Gro is full of synthetic ingredients that can cause more harm than good. DO NOT USE ANYTHING MIRACLE-GRO! You may see some bags with ‘organic’ written on it, but sadly, not everything that claims to be organic really is organic. 

I wanted to know if the soil that claims to be “natural and organic” is really certified organic?

So, I did some research! It’s all about the labeling when you’re searching for ‘good’ soil. There are 2 important steps to shopping for healthy soil – #1 make sure you can read and understand the ingredient names and #2 make sure it says ‘Organic/Homemade’ or “OMRI listed” (you have look around because each brand has the label in different places on the bag). 

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a private, international nonprofit organization that determines whether or not a product qualifies as organic under the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). This means it is certified organic and it is a trustworthy products!  

Below is a list of the top 3 organic indoor potting soil brand we recommend. 


click photo below to learn more & buy now

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