Meet the Motivational Small Business Owner Behind Luminary Lawns: Planting the Way for Sustainable Lawn Care in Harford County

Are you someone who cares deeply about protecting our planet and ensuring a sustainable future for generations? Have you considered incorporating eco-friendly practices into your lawn care routine? 

In 2021, I had the pleasure of meeting a small business owner who truly motivated me. He stopped by my store one day to introduce himself. His business concept and drive to make a difference in the world instantly impressed me. His goals and ambitions were truly inspiring!

Luminary Lawns is a small business in Harford County, Maryland, that has been long-awaited by the community. It’s a step towards fulfilling the dream of a more sustainable Mother Earth, but progress takes time. This small business provides a great chance to positively impact the planet by offering sustainable, eco-friendly lawn care services and products. 

Meet the Inspiring Owner & His Family

Meet Sean Creel, a 37-year-old family man with two lovely kids and a furry companion. He is also the proud owner of Luminary Lawns, a thriving business that provides top-notch lawn care services.

“I graduated from the University of Maryland w/ a finance degree and went into accounting after school. I did that for 6 years but couldn’t take sitting in a cubicle all day. I listened to Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech on YouTube, which changed my life. “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” I listened to that on a Thursday and put in my notice the following Monday. From there, I went into sales in an industry I was passionate about and spent a decade there before starting this company”.

Despite his busy schedule, Sean always balances work and family life, making him an inspiration to many. 

Sean has always found pleasure in maintaining his lawn. Every year, he would clean it up and occasionally ponder the idea of making a profession out of it. However, Sean was still determined to figure out how to stand out in a market saturated with similar services.

During his busy career, he hired multiple lawn care companies to tend to his lawn while he was away on business trips. Unfortunately, all these companies used large equipment that caused damage to his yard. Also, none of them used organic fertilizers, which was a cause for concern for Sean as he had children and a dog. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was no longer traveling for work, and returned to taking care of his lawn.

Sean’s family had been without gas-powered lawn equipment for as long as he could remember. In the past, he had used a manual reel mower and an electric trimmer that required plugging into his house. After lots of studying and DIYing, Sean explored new equipment options. He noticed the advancements in electric mowers and their long battery life, leading him to consider using them commercially.

In 2020, he experimented during the season and approached his neighbors to see if there was any interest in an electric lawn care service. By the end of the year, Sean had signed up 25 customers between November and December, encouraging him to invest in equipment and start his business in January 2021!

Introducing Luminary Lawns

Luminary Lawns is a dedicated eco-friendly lawn care company committed to beautifying its clients’ lawns and reducing pollution in the air and waterways. Sustainability and responsible stewardship are their top priorities in positively impacting the world. 

What Sets Them Apart From Traditional Lawn Care Companies?

Luminary Lawns prides itself on using only electric equipment and hybrid vehicles with solar panels to charge equipment batteries for its lawn care services. They also use organic fertilizers to feed the lawn naturally and improve the soil quality. From mowing to aeration, trimming to sawing, this eco-friendly approach creates a safer environment for clients, their families, and Luminary Lawns’ team.

By eliminating gas-powered equipment, Luminary Lawns is doing its part to reduce air and noise pollution in its community. Additionally, electric equipment is known for its reliability and efficiency, allowing Luminary Lawns to provide top-notch service to their clients.

Luminary Lawns has experience with developing equipment themselves. Sean ventured into offering aeration services however, he soon realized that no one was manufacturing an electric aerator! As a solution, Luminary Lawns welded a pull behind onto the front of an electric wheelbarrow to create their own electric aerator. The self-made equipment was named Frank(enstein) — how cool!!

Their Commitment To A More Sustainable Future

Luminary Lawns aims to achieve 100% renewable energy for charging by 2025! The company utilizes on-the-go charging stations powered by solar panels on the roofs of their vehicles to charge throughout the day. However, they still need to recharge off the grid overnight to ensure full power at the start of the day.

Sean is determined to find a better alternative to the eco-push mowers he’s been using. He needs more viable commercial solutions on the market. Still, Sean remains hopeful that a better option will emerge soon. In the meantime, he’s taking matters into his own hands and working on developing his own mowers in-house.

Sean and his team prioritize delivering exceptional service to their clients. They achieve this by being professional, maintaining clear communication, and providing easy online billing. Clients can trust that their property is in good hands with Luminary Lawns.

Luminary Lawns

Meeting Sean and learning about Luminary Lawns has been a refreshing reminder of the power of small businesses and the importance of sustainability. It’s inspiring to see a business owner prioritize making a positive impact on the environment and community. I have no doubt that Luminary Lawns will continue to thrive and make a difference in the world, one lawn at a time.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with such a motivated and inspiring entrepreneur, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Luminary Lawns!

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