Closing Up Shop: A Heartfelt Thank You to My Loyal Customers

I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your loyalty and support throughout my business journey. Your continuous support has been a source of strength and encouragement for me, and I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

In August 2022, I made the decision to shut down Explorganics Plant Shop. While it had been thriving, I no longer felt that the retail industry was where I belonged.

Over the past few years, I have traveled a path that has been both challenging and rewarding. However, I started feeling unfulfilled in my business endeavors, and the longing to be with my family grew stronger as my business consumed more of my time.

Despite the fact that shutting down my thriving store, which I had invested my heart and soul into, was a difficult decision, it was also the most rewarding one since its beginning. Throughout this journey, I had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing people and bridging a gap in our local community by providing something that was previously missing.

Even though my journey with Explorganics Plant Shop has come to an end, my adventure is far from over. Who knows what exciting opportunities await me in the future!

Again, thank you for all the love, kindness, and continuous support you have shown my family and me. You have been more than just customers to us, and we will always cherish the bond we share. Thank you for making this journey so memorable and fulfilling. It is not goodbye, it’s see you around.

XO, Shann


Baltimore Sun
Honorable Mention

Explorganics Plant Shop was recognized as an Honorable Mention for Best Gift Shop in the year 2022 by the reputable Baltimore Sun.

Voyage Baltimore
Most Inspiring Stories

Voyage Baltimore has recognized my small business journey as one of the Most Inspiring Stories of 2022. It is truly an honor to be listed alongside so many other inspiring individuals.

Harford Magazine Feature
By Baltimore Sun

In 2020, after opening my store, I was featured in an article by Harford Magazine Baltimore Sun. The piece titled “Blooming boutique” highlights my efforts in nurturing both plants and customers while also supporting female entrepreneurs.

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