We just want to say…

…thank you

to my followers, my true loyal followers – thank you. you’ve been with me through all the changes and i am so grateful to have such an amazing community on here.

i have made so many changes in the past 6 months, and lately i haven’t felt like my IG isn’t the real me. because it’s not. i’m not a business owner anymore and i’m ok with that. closing a very successful business that i put so much hard with and dedication into was extremely tough, but it was the best decision i have made (since opening the store). i’ve met so many amazing humans along the way and i’m truly honored to have had the opportunity to provide something that was missing to our local community.

that being said, i put all of my energy into the business and that is where i went wrong. my health, family and friends were suffering and i was missing out on life with them. even after closing my storefront, i made the commitment to continue the business in a different platform, however, it was still consuming me. then the universe had other plans and now we’re expecting another beautiful baby girl.

what i’m getting to is… explorganics and rattan & foliage is not the real me anymore. it’s just shann now. i’m focusing on my health, helping others who have been through similar health issues, and sharing more about my family because that’s what is most important. sooooo that’s why i changed my name to @shannrenee__. no more two separate IG accounts. no more businesses – they are closed (for now). i still have my side hustles because they keep me busy and motivated but it’s a new chapter in my life now, so if you stick with me… welcome & thank you for being here with me 🧡